BeautyNK Age ReverseCongratulations to Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Hamidah

Congratulations to Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Hamidah

4 Nov 2023 :

Malaysia’s name has echoed at the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2023. Congratulations to the founder of NK Age-Reverse, Associated Prof.  Dr. Siti Hamidah and her entire research group for successfully embracing success by obtaining 3 medals, Gold Medal for the Invented Materials from Agricultural Wastes and Natural Sources for Sustainable Wellness Industries project, the Silver Medal and Special Award for the BeuTeen project: Emerging Sustainable Anti- acne Materials for Safer Teenagers’ Skin Care. She has graced the name of Malaysia and also Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) at SIIF.

This success is a proof of support from all loyal users of NK Age-Reverse and has also confirmed that her innovation is the best.  Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Hamidah will always instill the goal of improving the beauty sector in Malaysia by commercializing skin care that is able to compete with brands from other countries. In addition, she hopes to empower women with safer and higher quality skin care products. She is determined to make a significant impact and is motivated to share her knowledge with others to improve universal life. Her dedication with research group are still continuing by producing more good innovations for the benefit of all parties.

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