Research & Development


Our top-of-the-line research starts with our staff of engineers, and cosmetic chemists. With years of experience under the belt, each of our team members is capable to work in leading categories like cleanser & mist, sunscreen, foundation cake and more. Each member receives ongoing education through seminars and conferences around the globe to ensure our knowledge and expertise are beyond the industry standard.

The main goal of our in-house R&D laboratories is to enhance natural and functional ingredients' qualities into unique blends and proprietary formulations that provide our customers with potent skincare products that rely on the latest research in Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics. Additionally, we use novel and special blending scientific knowledge alongside state-of-the-art equipment and microencapsulation technologies, so we can improve active ingredients' stability and duration, achieve better skin penetration, and meet the strictest of standards and regulatory requirements.


Our lab has received several accreditations. This ensures the quality the safety of all skincare and cosmetic products from our facilities. This also speaks to our efficient and timely manufacturing process.

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